Brazilian Soccer Schools were introduced by Simon Darcy Clifford to address an urgent need to provide all children with a dynamic, globally-proven and cutting edge football (soccer) coaching programme.

Simon felt a glaring gap had emerged and a sustainable, grass-roots development programme was needed to maximise the natural skills of youngsters across the world.

Simon’s initial research began in 1989 following a study into the youth development in Holland, Spain, France, Italy and England. He founded Brazilian Soccer Schools in 1996 after a research trip to South America to study Brazilian football. His intention was not to copy, imitate or replicate; he went to see how the best, as they stood at that moment in time had approached things.

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"Simon Darcy Clifford has redefined terms such as ‘passion’, ‘drive’, ‘energy’ and ‘winning’ in sport. He is not afraid of pushing out the boundaries...

Sir Clive Woodward

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Simon, you’ve rescued the game of Futebol de Salão. So many players who I played with would be interested in the fact you have done this. We still enjoy playing it, but in Brazil we can’t ev...


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"I cannot believe what I see with Brazilian Soccer Schools and SOCATOTS®, it is amazing, it is something completely different and very special.

"It will have so many benefits for football an...

Carlos Alberto

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"A Middlesbrough lad teaching the game as it should be played. As I said, 'If God had of wanted us to play football in the air, he'd have put grass up there'"

Brian Clough

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"We rewarded Simon for his efforts these past years. He has been tenacious, determined, a force of nature. When speaking to all that work  at the football Association he has become a very popu...

HRH Prince William

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"This is a super programme, it is a pleasure to be visiting today, seeing Simon in action with the young people of Leeds. This is wonderful and can only bring benefits to the game of football as a...

HRH Prince Andrews

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Futebol de Salão is a great start for young players. I discovered Ronaldo playing Futebol de Salao in Rio, with Simon's energy and determination I believe that he will go on to develop even bett...


Slide 3

Simon's simply brilliant, a wicked guy and absolute genius.  I have known Simon a long time now, we first met for a coffee with my Mum there too in...

Kiera Knightly

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I developed my skills playing Futebol de Salão in my home town of Bauru. I explained to Simon that the true and total beauty of football is only seen in the ingenuity, inventiveness, instinct an...


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“What Simon is doing is fantastic. Normally what you see in other children is just the basics of the game. He is saying that nothing is impossible. If English players can learn the qualities Simo...

Jay Jay Okocha